Opinie użytkowników

Our solution is a platform that optimizes decision-making, including comprehensive and serial business and organizational issues. In other words, DecisR is an instrument that makes a choice for us, taking into account specific parameters. The innovation is based on the original code which, apart from mathematical estimates, bears the features of an artificial intelligence algorithm. After entering any selected categories and parameters into the system, the program, based on the developed algorithm, presents the best solution. In this way, we get an instrument that can be a technical comparison engine, or software for optimization of cascading decisions. In this way, DecisR can be used in various industries such as HR, public opinion polls or by individual clients.

DecisR is an IT instrument that fits in the 21st vision of digitization of economic markets. I am honored to be selected for the test group and to be able to submit my comments while working on the platform. I am sure that the program will revolutionize the existing decision-making processes. In particular, the awareness of consumers who compare services or goods will be improved.

Simon Ploquin-Lévy, lawyer and specialist in online cybersecurity